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Hot Pulse DVD

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Join Lucy and the Hot Pulse girls for a fresh, fun and feisty workout to give you the body – and the moves – you’ve always dreamed of !

Packed with eight energising routines specifically developed to build fitness and burn fat, and all spiced up with a sexy twist, the Hot Pulse DVD will keep you looking great during and after your workout.

Trim and tone your abs, core, bum and thighs; target difficult problem areas; and build specific muscle groups for maximum impact. Choose from four customised workouts or tackle all the routines together to get fit and fabulous in no time!

  • Warm up Get your heart rate up and boost your fitness
  • Core Strengthen the most important part of a strong, healthy body
  • Bums and thighs Tone those problem areas
  • Abs Feel the burn and get that flat, beautiful tummy
  • Aerobics A great cardio workout to improve stamina and aerobic fitness
  • Bump ‘n’ grind A sexy chair workout to tone and define – release your inner diva!
  • Stretching Meditate and unwind as you improve your flexibility
  • Cool down Stretch, relax, and enjoy the end of your great workout
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72.11 minutes approx.



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