Pole Exercise DVD 2 Out Now!

The second Pole Exercise DVD is finally here!

After eight long months of production, filming and editing, Pole Exercise DVD 2 is back from the duplicators and ready to ship. (If you’ve pre-ordered, your DVD is already in the post.)

What’s on the DVD?

Flexibility is key to any truly impressive pole performance, and Pole Exercise 2 also packs in a comprehensive stretching section with 14 positions for you to master.

There are four dazzling routines from our expert instructors, showcasing moves taught on the DVD. Each also has a teaching view to let you learn the routine yourself and help you construct your own mesmerising pole showcase.

click through to watch in HD.

Behind the scenes: a look at making the DVD

Last December, I decided to film a second Pole Exercise DVD.

After weeks of castings in January, I managed to whittle down the applicants to a select few awesome instructors (Jen, Jenny and Owain) who would teach and perform with me on the new DVD.

I was also lucky enough to get

First we edited the DVD, which took 10 long working days, even with our stellar editor on hand. We then exported the DVD, a process that, unless you have a computer like this – and I really don’t – also takes days.

Then Andrew took it to the depth of his computer genius and started to colour correct and enhance the footage. Clips where bad lighting made me look like I’d emptied several vats of fake tan over my body were replaced by natural-looking shots. It’s quite incredible what the software can do, and quite vital when you see how badly coloured some of the footage is.

As an actress I’ve been involved with many films and adverts, and I’ve learnt a huge amount about the editing process.

Our production company has gained a huge amount of experience during the post production stage of the DVD, and we can now offer a huge range of services from Photoshopping and grading to editing of both still and moving images… but that’s another story.

Finally, after weeks of finding and eradicating mistakes (and then going back to the re-exporting stage – tedious is an understatement), we were ready to go with the graphics. Andrew took complete control and, with helpful suggestions and input from me, really shone with

Now ready to launch after a hard year of solid work, I proudly give you .

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