New X-Poles Launched: X-Pole XPert and X-Pole Sport


Vertical Leisure, the company behind the X-Pole, have announced their new range of poles.

The original X-Pole was quite revolutionary when it was launched, with its adjustable height, spinning and static modes and solid construction, and quickly became one of the most popular poles on the market.

But by Christmas it will be gone. Instead we have two new poles, the X-Pole XPert and the X-Pole Sport.

X-Pole XPert

The closest replacement for the old £180 X-Pole is the £200 XPert. If you own an X-Pole, you’ll know how difficult it is to separate the pole sections after the pole’s been up for a while. (And you’ll know how inadequate the standard release tools are too.) Vertical Leisure have replaced the screw threads entirely with something they call the /images/blog/x-pole-x-joint.jpg” class=”thickbox” title=”The X-Pole X-Joint”>X-Joint.

How the X-Joint works

The pole tubes now have a couple of grooves running vertically up their insides. The X-Joint slots inside the pole between two segments, using the grooves stop the pole sections from rotating, and the whole thing is held in place by tightening a couple of bolts with an Allen key.

If you’ve used an X-Pole then you may be drawing a quick breath right now. The X-Pole’s static / spinning adjuster also uses a couple of bolts to keep it in place, and that inevitably seems to loosen after a few minutes’ vigorous poling.

But it’s OK. When the pole’s up, the X-Joints don’t rely on the bolts to prevent the pole sections rotating, and pressure from floor and ceiling stops the pole from coming apart. So even if you don’t tighten the bolts at all, you’ll be perfectly safe when performing, though you could get a bit of a shock if the pole falls apart when you take it down again.

Vertical Leisure say the X-Joints make the pole more rigid than before, so you could potentially make an even longer pole. Previous X-Poles have been limited to 11' or 12' (3.3 to 3.6m) in length, but they’ve been testing a 13' (4.0m) pole that seems fine so far. If you’re fortunate enough to have such a high ceiling, you could be in luck!

No more ladders

The other big change is that the XPert is bottom loading, so there’s no need to get up a ladder to tighten your pole now – a big bonus if you take your pole down frequently. (Vertical Leisure also have a kit to change your existing X-Pole into a bottom loader, albeit for a not inconsiderable £90.)

This means that the height adjuster cover is now at the bottom of the pole. I know not a lot of moves use that area, but I wonder if it will get in the way more often than it did at the top.

The XPert has the same wide dome at the top as the old X-Pole. The base is a bit smaller, though it looks much the same otherwise.

X-Pole Sport

X-Pole Sport is Vertical Leisure’s entry level model, coming in at £150. It uses the same X-Joints and bottom loading adjuster as the XPert, but money has been saved by making it static only. The pole also comes with a smaller ceiling plate and (bizarrely) a larger floor plate.

Unlike all other X-Poles to date, the Sport isn’t smooth all the way from floor to ceiling. Instead it has a foam cover (apparently like silver pipe lagging) over the height adjuster.

Again, it could be a bit disconcerting to kick during a spin or pose, though Vertical Leisure now stocks a much larger range of pole extensions so you can minimize the height of the adjuster – and the foam covering – if it bothers you.

The X-Stage is also being given new X-Joints, but is otherwise unchanged.

The new poles go on sale on 16 December (including in /shop/”>our shop, if you’d like to support us). We can’t wait to try them out!

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20 Responses to “New X-Poles Launched: X-Pole XPert and X-Pole Sport”

  1. I would love to purchase the new x-pole xpert, but I live in the USA. Where do I go from here??

  2. @ Salene

    X-Poles are sold in the USA through Vertical Leisure’s US site, though that hasn’t been updated to reflect their new range as yet. The new X-Poles are (almost) all in stock in Europe now, but I’m afraid I don’t know if they’ve been shipped to the US yet.

    I’ve emailed Stacey at Vertical Leisure to get pricing and delivery info for you. She’s due back at work on 4 Jan, so I should be able to give you some answers then.

    If you want, you can also call X-Pole US on 1-888-976-5387 (or see here for more), though they may well be on holiday right now as well of course. :)

  3. I’m afraid it’s not good news. I’ve heard back from X-Pole US and, while they don’t have an exact date when the XPERT will be available, it’s most likely to be February / March. Sorry.

    Update: It’s now in stock in the US.

    The chrome X-Pole XPERT will be $329.99 and the titanium gold pole will be $359.99, both plus $40 shipping.

    I believe X-Pole US supply the USA and Canada. Everyone else can order one now through X-Pole UK (or via our shop if you’d like to support us).

  4. :( Oh no! I was wondering the same thing because I wanted the x pole for christmas and was waiting for the new one to be released…I don’t know If I want to wait that long for it to be released here in the US though… :(

  5. I’m going to order an XPert XPole on this website tomorrow I think. I heard it will arrive on the week of the 4th of jan (or 12 days, which means the week after) as there is a backlog of deliveries. I basically want my pole to arrive asap, so should I order from you guys, or from XPole??

    Thanks for the update though, XPole’s website is a bit useless at the moment :(

  6. @ Aud – We don’t stock the poles ourselves; when you buy from us, we pass your order on to Vertical Leisure. This happens within an hour or two of your order, so the delivery date for your pole will be the same via either route.

    Obviously we’d prefer you to order via our site because Vertical Leisure give us a percentage of the purchase price (the amount you pay is the same either way). We can put this towards looking after the site, writing more posts here, etc. We can also help if you have any questions about your new pole (or anything else pole-related :) that Vertical Leisure haven’t answered for you.

    Either way, I hope you enjoy your new pole when it arrives!

    @ Sammie – Yeah, sorry. It’s possible that February / March means the beginning of February, though it could also mean the end of March. I’m going to try to get a firmer date ASAP.

  7. Thanks Andrew,

    Well if that’s the case, i’ll be ordering from you guys, as i’m really enjoying the blogs posted here. Also i’m impressed by the quick replies i’ve gotten both here and via email – and even during the Christmas period. (Now I just have to wait until my boyfriend gets home so i can use his credit card!) :)

  8. Thanks, Aud. We appreciate it. (And we try our best. :)

  9. X-Pole US now have the new XPERT and X-Pole SPORT in stock. Though you can save $40 on an XPERT at the moment if you get it from Pole Dancing Shop.

  10. just wondering if the xpert is back in stock yet in the uk?
    im desperatly trying to buy one, but everywhere seems to be out of stock??
    thanks in advance for any help :)

  11. @ Katie – stock is coming in and going straight out again at the end of April – if you haven’t ordered one, then you will go onto a waiting list for stock due in at the end of May. Sadly the entire of Europe go through the same manufacturer, so we are all in the same position. When poles do come in, they are dispatched with 48 hour courier, so its very quick once it’s in the UK. We do know people who have second hand poles for sale (in very good condition) if this is something of interest, then let us know and we can help you track one down :-)

  12. I have only just started dancing and am keen to get a pole to practise at home. I am after some advice on what size to get. I am very small, only 5′ with small hands. Am i better off getting the 45mm? At class we use the 50mm, will it be better to get the same size as I will be using at class? Wil it be difficult to get used to using two different sizes and should I just stick to the 50mm? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks

  13. @ Helen – I really rate and recommend the 45mm for the petite to average size girls and guys. The smaller your hand span the harder it is to grip the 50mm and although you practice on the 50mm, it means every move you train at home on your slimmer pole, you’ll find it an easier way to grip and execute the move on the slimmer pole. I teach clients on all different sizes so over time you will find you adjust very easily to both sizes. I strongly advise you to get the 45mm for your home pole – after all this is the pole you will use even if you move homes or change pole schools, and it will make your pole learning just that little bit more easier for your small hands! Any other questions, just post back, or give me a call. Lucy x

  14. Hi,

    I’m Cherie, I started pole dancing/ fitness lessons about 2 month or so ago & I love it!! I bought myself a 45mm Xpert for practice at home. In the studio where my classes are held they have 50mm & 45mm poles (although the 45mm’s are not chrome? They are dull, would that be brass?) I started with the 45 not realising there was a difference in size, once the teacher pointed it out (a few weeks later) I tried the 50mm chrome but didn’t like my grip on it (I have quite small hands) so I bought my home pole but now I’m worried about my progress as I’ve heard it’s easier to learn trickier moves, inverts, seats etc on a 50mm. Is this true & will it slow my progress? Or is it just a case of trying a little bit harder & squeezing a little bit tighter? *lol*

    Also I was wondering how long it will take for me to get stronger? I’m still terrible at pull up’s etc

    Sorry for rambling on, any comments/ advice at all would be much appreciated!!


  15. @Cherie

    Pleased you’re having such a good time. :) Most people find it easier to learn on 45mm than 50mm poles. It can be more difficult to grip a narrower pole with your legs, but most polers don’t have problems and adjust to the slimmer pole after a week or so. A lot of people find it easier to hold narrower poles, particularly if they have smaller hands as you do. 38mm poles are very popular in Australia and reputedly make moves even easier to master.

    So you’ll probably find it easier to learn on your 45mm pole. You will probably find it much more difficult to move to a 50mm pole later than switching the other way though.

    The dull poles are probably well used. X-Pole don’t sell brass; they do sell titanium gold poles with a special coating, but they’re shiny too. I’m not aware of any poles that are delivered without a polished (or occasionally painted) finish.

    As for strength, try to work through a strength section in each pole workout you have. Count the times you hold each strength move such as Hang Tough, and count the repetition for things like Pole Pull Ups and Push Ups. As you track your reps and seconds increasing so will your strength. Start with 1 rep and build up. In no time at all you’ll start to see how your strength is improving and you’ll be able to do full pull ups one day without even blinking. :)

    Good luck with it all, and do let us know how you’re getting on.

  16. So it’s not about starting well (with the strength training) doing a little is enough for now… It’s just my impatience! *lol*

    Thanks for the advice!

    I’ve been inverting no problem on the 45mm pole now & my teacher say’s I’m ready to move onto the next level :) really impressed with myself!

    Now I can start learning more impressive moves! I’ll let you know how it goes or if I have anymore problems I’ll give you a shout, thanks again!


  17. Hi I really want to buy a second hand spinning X-pole, I have really fallen in love with pole dancing but I’m a student and cant afford a new one. Do you know how I can go about finding one? thank you.

  18. @Claire

    I haven’t looked for a second hand one myself, but an obvious place to start is eBay. Most of the ones listed there right now are new or at nearly new prices, but you may get lucky.

    Try Facebook too. We recently had someone offering one for sale on the Pole Dance Dictionary page and I’ve seen poles being sold elsewhere too. The 1M Poledancers page may be a good place to start, or X-Pole’s page. Or look at some of the other popular pages, though of course you’ll have to make a call as to whether asking about poles is appropriate (or a bad idea because the page is full of spam).

    Related to this, try some of the more popular forums. Body and Pole is a good one, as is Studio Veena (though apparently not, it turns out, if you’re male).

    Or try locally. Ask pole schools near you if anyone has a pole they don’t want – there’s almost certainly someone who bought a pole but hasn’t used it much since or can’t put it up at home for some reason. Would save on postage too. :)

    Good luck with your hunt.


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