Learn Pole Dancing: The Half Flag

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Difficulty: Advanced

The Half Flag is an eye-catching pose. It’s a very graceful move when performed properly, while at the same time showing demonstrating impressive strength and core control.

About the Half Flag

You’ve probably seen advanced pole dancers pivoting into a Half Flag at the top of a pole and holding it with impressive control. Start at the bottom! Once you feel confident performing the pose, then move it up the pole to wow the crowds (or your cat :). It’s also an easier pose to get into from the floor than when hanging onto a pole.

There are a number of different Half Flag poses, and they don’t all have straight legs. It’s more important to focus at first on turning your hips and keeping your body horizontal and flat. (So if your left arm is hooked and your right arm is down the pole, you need to turn your hips left, and vice versa.)

You can try attitude legs (bent legs and pointed toes) as Libby does in the video. This shifts your body weight inwards and is much less strenuous to hold — and it looks really pretty too!

The Half Flag isn’t that difficult technically, but it does require a lot of strength and confidence to master. After you’ve perfected the pole grip, work on raising your legs in a tucked position to get safely in and out of the move. Then try holding that tucked position for longer and, when you’re comfortable with that, move on to the attitude legs pose. Finally work towards the straight Half Flag as your core strength — and overall strength — allows.

In detail

  1. Stand next to the pole and wrap your inside arm around the pole, gripping the pole in your armpit and locking your arm on the pole.
  2. Point your other arm straight down the pole, with your wrist facing up and your elbow bent and resting on your stomach.
  3. Leaning forward and, engaging your core muscles, slowly lift your legs off the floor. Tilt your hips away from the floor so your body becomes horizontal.
  4. As you get more confident with the move, lift your legs higher and twist your hips so they’re flat to the pole, keeping your feet together to create the perfect Half Flag pose.

In action

Top tips

  • Try the move with the pole on both sides to work out which side feels more comfortable for you. Some people can do both, but almost everyone has a favourite side.
  • If you cannot lift your legs at all, try lowering your initial arm grip so your body is already in a flatter position, then raise your legs into a tucked position to check your arms will support you.
  • Breasts and nylon tops will cause problems with the Half Flag. Take care of your boobs by making sure you grip the pole with your armpit and don’t squash any delicate breast tissue. Make sure your clothing around your armpit is nylon free (or, better yet, wear a strappy top for extra skin contact).
  • Another great variation on the Half Flag you can try is bending your legs together and then running in the air — an impressive display of your core strength.

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