Learn to Pole Dance: The Gemini

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Difficulty: Intermediate

About the gemini

The gemini is a dramatic pose and stretch that’s relatively easy to perform as you keep your body against the pole throughout the move. If you’ve mastered the Basic Invert, there are just a couple of extra steps to get into the gemini.

In detail

  1. Place your dominant hand high on the pole and the other just below. gemini-1
  2. Kick into a basic invert. gemini-2
  3. If you inverted on the left side of the pole (as Libby does in the pictures), your left leg should now be hooked at the ankle to give you support. Shift your legs to the left so that your right leg is now crossed over the pole above your hands. (If your left leg is dominant, perform the move in mirror image.) gemini-3
  4. Your dominant leg is now wrapped around the pole to stop you sliding, so you should be able to release your left hand. Bend your free leg down at a 90° angle. Depending on your flexibility, you may be able to grab your foot with your free hand to increase the stretch. gemini-4

In action

Top tips

  • Take your time transitioning from the basic invert into the crossed leg grip. It’s important to keep tension in your legs so you maintain a firm grip on the pole.
  • If you want to increase the stretch of your free leg, gently pull it towards you.
  • Once you feel comfortable with the basic move, you can try the No-Handed Gemini. Starting from the standard hold, slowly remove your other hand from the pole. Make sure you keep your hand close to the pole at first so that, if do you start to slide, you can grab the pole quickly to regain control.

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14 Responses to “Learn to Pole Dance: The Gemini”

  1. Thanks,
    It is wonderful to see the moves and
    it’s nice to know that I am at the intermediate stage now. I cannot wait to get the dvd to move on to the advanced stage.

  2. Thanks for the explination…I will have to work on this one ;)

  3. Do let me know how you get on!

    We’re trying to make the descriptions as clear as possible, but I’m sure there’s room for improvement – please post a comment or use the contact form if something doesn’t make sense and I’ll do my best to help.

  4. Esta buenisima esta tecnica, me voy a meter a una escuela de mi país a estudiar y prepararme física y sensualmente para bailar excelentemente PoleDance!!! :)

  5. I have found that when performing the gemini, it is better not to think about it as a leg-hang but as a full body hang, when doing it with no hands my side and armpits are helping hold me up… not very clear but hope thats useful for some!

  6. Yes Domino – excellent advice! The side of the body and armpits come in very handy in this move, and can be used for greater support in the hands-free version. Thank you for mentioning that. That’s why its so important what type of clothes you use on the pole, as this can also aid or disadvantage you with your side body grip in moves such as these!

  7. Isn’t the Gemini where your outside leg is hooked over the pole? I’ve always known the move here as the Angel or sometimes Scorpio

  8. I’ve always known both versions of this move (with the same leg and arm hooked and the opposite leg and arm hooked) as the Gemini. But you’re right – quite a few people call the move shown here the Scorpio. (Though I don’t think I’ve heard it called the Angel before.)

    Unfortunately a lot of pole moves still have several different names depending on where you learn. This is one reason why we put in pictures whenever we can!

  9. Can you be a bit more specific regarding the use of arm and side to grip the pole? Everytime I try this move I slide straight down the pole.

  10. Hi Jen,

    Once your leg is hooked, look up at your body and check that the pole is firmly running down your front or side depending on your angle. If for some reason it is not, adjust your leg grip so that you can make contact with the pole. Make sure your arm closest to the pole locks across the pole, so that you grip with your armpit. (Squeeze really hard!) Try to wear a vest top for this move, as less material around the armpit will ensure a greatest pole to skin friction, causing a better ‘stick’! Sometimes (depending on where you’re practicing) I recommend trying this move just in your bra, as the more flesh there is to the pole the better grip. Remember also to really lock in the leg to improve your grip!

    Do let me know how you get on, and message back if you need some more tips!

  11. I have also come to know this one as the scorpio, and the other leg hooked it would be a gemini. This difference makes it easier when learning combos so you know which leg you are using :)

  12. more flesh, & more “rubbery- clothes” I noticed such a major difference in accomplishing the move with a bit of hair spay or mighty grip

  13. If it’s a gemini shouldn’t there be two of you there?


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