Pole Dancing Moves Gallery

Images of all the moves taught on the Pole Exercise DVDs.

Pole Exercise DVD 1 moves

Stills from all the exercises on our first DVD, performed by Lucy, Alex and Libby. Click on any of the moves for a larger image.

Spins and Skills

Work with the pole to create motion and fluidity while increasing your core stability.

The Fireman


The Spinner


The Spinner Variation

Spinner Variation

The Fairy


The Forwards Chair

Forwards Chair

The Backwards Chair

Backwards Chair

The Jay


The Angel


The Angel Variation

Angel Variation

The Explosion


The Backwards Showgirl

Backwards Showgirl

The Backwards Showgirl Variation

Backwards Showgirl Variation

The Flying Showgirl

Flying Showgirl

The Seated Spinner

Seated Spinner

The Floater


The Floater Transition

Floater Transition

Muscle Tone and Inverts

Develop the skills to overcome gravity and tone your whole body in the process.

The Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon

The Icon


The Icon Splits

Icon Splits

The Sit


The Eye Opener

Eye Opener

The Eye Opener Variation

Eye Opener Variation

The Recliner / Lean Back

Recliner / Lean Back

The Fang


The Full Moon

Full Moon

The Bow and Arrow Double Grip

Bow and Arrow Double Grip

The No Handed Bow and Arrow

No Handed Bow and Arrow

The Hook


The High Kick

High Kick

The High Kick Hold

High Kick Hold

The Basic Invert

Basic Invert

The Blade


The Half Chopper

Half Chopper

The Chopper


The Spinning Chopper

Spinning Chopper

The Hercules (No Handed Chopper)

Hercules (No Handed Chopper)

The Gemini


The Reverse Gemini

Reverse Gemini

The Serpent


The Gold Rush

Gold Rush

The Caterpillar


The Butterfly Double Grip

Butterfly Double Grip

The Transition Up Pole

Transition Up Pole

The Knees


The Knees Variation

Knees Variation

The Superman


The Handstand Against Pole

Handstand Against Pole

The Hands Free Handstand / Iguana

Hands Free Handstand / Iguana

The Handstand Away From Pole / Straight Edge

Handstand Away From Pole / Straight Edge

The Box Splits

Box Splits

The Übervert


The Shoulder Mount

Shoulder Mount

The Body Ripple

Body Ripple

The Flag Pole / Half Flag

Flag Pole / Half Flag

The Armpit / Teddy

Armpit / Teddy


Learn to use the pole at different heights for an intensive leg and arm workout.

The Climb


The Reverse Climb

Reverse Climb

The Chopper Climb

Chopper Climb

The Arms Only Climb

Arms Only Climb

The Dismount


Strength Training

Increase strength and stamina to help with your pole work and feel great too.

The Hang Tough

Hang Tough

The Pole Pull Up

Pole Pull Up

The Barbed Wire Strength

Barbed Wire Strength

The Pole Push Up

Pole Push Up

The Shoulder Mount Repetition

Shoulder Mount Repetition

The Chopper Invert From Climb

Chopper Invert From Climb

Pole Exercise DVD 2 moves

Images of all the poses, holds and spins on the second Pole Exercise DVD. Click on the moves to see a larger image.

Strength Training

Build your core strength and fitness to add a real wow factor to your pole routines.

The Hang Tough

Hang Tough

The Pole Pull Ups into Pole Pose

Pole Pull Ups into Pole Pose

The Pole Push Up

Pole Push Up

The Ab Pull Up

Ab Pull Up

The Fang Abs

Fang Abs

Spins and Skills

Remind yourself of some old favourites and learn more demanding, advanced spins. Some moves use a spinning pole.

The Fairy


The Backwards Showgirl to Figurehead

Backwards Showgirl to Figurehead

The Swivel Hips

Swivel Hips

The Reverse Hand Grab

Reverse Hand Grab

The Backspin to Stag

Backspin to Stag

Poses and Inverts

A collection of advanced poses and inverts to take your pole dancing to the next level (plus a refresher of some intermediate moves).

The Crucifix – Serpent

Crucifix – Serpent

The Gemini


The Aysha


The Straight Edge

Straight Edge

The Iguana


The Barbed Wire into Straddle

Barbed Wire into Straddle

The Jamilla into Extended Butterfly

Jamilla into Extended Butterfly

The Brass Monkey into Eros

Brass Monkey into Eros

The Shoulder Mount Jacknife

Shoulder Mount Jacknife

The Pencil


The Split Grip Bow and Arrow

Split Grip Bow and Arrow

The Layout


The Daphne


The Flatlined Scorpio

Flatlined Scorpio

The Übervert


The Knees Variation

Knees Variation

The Mercury



An intensive stretching section to increase your flexibility and help you perform even more dramatic pole tricks and routines.

The Lunge Stretch

Lunge Stretch

The Hamstring Stretch

Hamstring Stretch

The Hamstring Stretch on Back

Hamstring Stretch on Back

The Split Stretch

Split Stretch

The Oversplits Stretch

Oversplits Stretch

The Box Splits Stretch

Box Splits Stretch

The Froggy Stretch

Froggy Stretch

The Froggy with Straight Legs Stretch

Froggy with Straight Legs Stretch

The Box Splits Against Wall Stretch

Box Splits Against Wall Stretch

The Box Splits Away from Wall Stretch

Box Splits Away from Wall Stretch

The Straddle Stretch

Straddle Stretch

The Back Flexibility Stretch 1

Back Flexibility Stretch 1

The Back Flexibility Stretch 2

Back Flexibility Stretch 2

The Bridge