Frequently Asked Questions

Buying stuff

Can I pay in a different currency?

Yes, though you will be charged in £s (GBP). Any currency conversions will be handled automatically and charged at your bank’s exchange rate. If you live outside the EU, check with your local customs office as you may have to pay import duty or other taxes. Due to the complex and changing nature of this area, we are unfortunately unable to help you with this.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

DVDs are dispatched by Royal Mail once your payment has been processed. Your DVD should arrive 1-3 working days after dispatch if delivered within the UK. For European destinations, DVDs should arrive about 3-9 days after dispatch. Delivery time to rest of world should be 7-28 days, but will vary from country to country.

Poles, mats and other large equipment will be sent by courier. X-Poles are normally dispatched within 1 working day of ordering and will be delivered in the UK within 48 hours of dispatch (excluding weekends), subject to stock being available from the manufacturer. (Obviously we’ll let you know if it’s not in stock.) If you live in Europe, your X-Pole should arrive within 7 days. Delivery to the rest of the world can take quite a bit longer and varies considerably from country to country. Please

Will the DVDs work outside the UK?

Our DVD are Region 0 and encoded in PAL. Region 0 DVDs should work worldwide (there are no artificial restrictions on the countries in which it can be played, unlike many major film releases).

However, not all DVD players and televisions can display videos in PAL format. Some countries (principally the US, Canada and Japan, full list here) use the alternate NTSC standard. In this case, you will need to have a DVD player that can convert from PAL to NTSC or a DVD player and TV that are compatible with PAL. Alternately, the DVD should play fine on your computer, wherever you are in the world.

So what’s this about a ‘cooling off period’?

You have a seven day cooling off period, starting from day after you receive the DVD, during which the DVD can be returned to us for a full refund providing it is unopened and in the condition it was sent to you. However, in this circumstance, your postage and packing will not be refunded.

My DVD doesn’t work!

If you have received a faulty DVD, we will replace the DVD or refund your money (your choice), including the postage cost to send it back to us (please stick your postal receipt in the envelope for refund of postage costs). The full refund policy can be found in our exciting /contact/tos/”>terms and conditions.

Using the DVDs

What equipment do I need to use the DVD?

Well, a pole would be good…

Do I really, really need a pole?

To complete the exercises on our DVDs you will need a pole. If you are unsure about whether Pole Exercise is for you, please have a look around the website, check out our videos on YouTube or look elsewhere on the internet. You could also buy a DVD to see exactly how the exercises are taught.

Though there really is no substitute for trying it out yourself. If you can, have a go on a friend’s pole, or otherwise many schools offer taster sessions for a reasonable fee (some schools focus more on the bum wiggling side of pole dancing, but many offer excellent classes that focus on pole work for both fitness and sexiness). If you have any questions, please /contact/”>let us know and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Aside from poles is there any other equipment I need?

Safety is really important when your working out on the pole. When inverting for the first time, always ensure you use a spotter or invest in a Pole-O-Mat. This wonderful pink invention is a crash mat with a hole in the center of it, so that it wraps perfectly around your pole. We sell the mat in our shop and it comes in two sizes, standard and professional.

Mats are great for anyone from beginner to super advanced, they help you build confidence and avoid bumps! We also recommend a number of grip products and clothing products that we are hoping to either sell in our shop or officially endorse as great products for pole use. These will be coming soon to our shop and links page.

I’m stuck on an exercise on your DVD. What should I do?

First take a break! People often find that coming back to an exercise after a rest, they are able to ‘click’ to what they are doing wrong. Secondly try to place a mirror close to you so you can see your body. This will help you find any problems with your body position. If it’s still not working for you, have a look on the website – quickly check the /getting-started/”>getting started section and elsewhere – or get in touch and /contact/”>ask us a question.

Can I target certain problem areas in my workout?

Pole Exercise is a fun and addictive full body workout, but you can make the workout as strenuous or easy as you like through the exercises you choose. Although Pole Exercise works best on the whole body, it is possible to target specific areas, such as the stomach or arms through individual moves.

I’m not very flexible / I’m not that fit. Will I have problems with Pole Exercise?

One of the great things about pole dancing is that almost anyone can enjoy the workout and get real fitness benefits from it. While there are moves that would challenge even the most athletic amongst us, there are many other spins and poses that just about anyone could pick up with a little practice. You can learn Pole Exercise in your own way and at your own pace, and have a great time doing it.

Strength and flexibility are important, but pole dancing is actually a great way to develop these for yourself – as you practice, you’ll find your abilities also improve – many people are surprised at just how much stronger and flexible they’ve become just through pole dancing.

If you want to focus particularly on building strength, make sure you spend time each session working on the strength training moves on the DVDs. Start with a small number of repetitions and build up as your ability increases.

Our second DVD has a specific stretching section to help build flexibility. Sarah, an ex-gymnast, demonstrates clear and safe methods to help you increase body suppleness. The exercises show five stretching levels to guide you as your flexibility increases.

I have a medical condition. Can I still do Pole Exercise?

As with any new physical activity, it’s worth checking with your doctor before you start any exercises on the DVD. No previous experience is needed so any fitness level can begin to train using the DVD.

Poles (yay!)

How high does my ceiling need to be to put up a pole?

A typical living room or bedroom ceiling is high enough to complete all of the exercises on the DVD. That said, if you do have a choice, a higher ceiling will give you more scope to perform some of the more advanced moves and climbs.

How big does my room need to be to put up a pole?

Stand in the middle of the room on the spot where you want to put up your pole. With one leg fully extended, turn round in a full circle. If you don’t bump into anything, there is room to put up a pole. (Some very enthusiastic spins may require a little more room.)

Should I get a stage pole or a normal pole?

That depends on your situation, really.

Normal poles are cheaper, and can be longer too if you’re lucky enough to have a high ceiling. They’re also a little sturdier in use – the poles in good stages, such as the X-Stage, don’t flex that much, but obviously fixing a pole at both ends is going to be better than just securing it at the bottom. The stage’s base is also quite large and would probably dominate a typical living room.

But stages are great if you have a larger space – the stage can really help your pole stand out as a showcase feature of your room. They also let you pole dance in venues that can’t accommodate a normal pole because the ceiling’s too high, at an angle or isn’t

How experienced are the instructors?

Lucy, Alex and Libby are the founding instructors of Pole Exercise. Lucy has been teaching for seven years, while Alex and Libby have been teaching for six years. Alex is now based in Athens, Greece where he works full time as a scuba diving instructor whilst still teaching pole. Libby is based in London, where she works in events and also freelances across the UK.

Lucy has stayed close within the pole world for the last seven years. She works full time as an actress in London while still teaching many private pole classes and making guest appearances and special workshops. All three instructors have strong fitness backgrounds in other areas – including aerobics, scuba diving and skydiving – which helped them develop the Pole Exercise syllabus.

Jen is a guest instructor with a strong background in pole fitness and has been pole dancing for three years. She teaches full time at Vibe Studio, the pole school she founded in Rossendale, Lancashire. Jenny is an experienced performer of pole dancing and trapeze, and her skills on the spinning pole are second to none.

Owain was taught by Lucy at her school and now works in London as a guest male pole dancer at club nights and events. Sarah was also taught by Lucy, has just finished her medical degree and is working as a fully qualified doctor in the north of England.

Is Pole Exercise safe?

Every form of exercise involves an element of risk. Be prudent with the decisions you make. Start slowly and work up. Take care with every exercise, and work at your own needs and pace. For inverts, use a spotter. Consider using a safety mat. Always check with your doctor before starting any new forms of exercise.

Isn’t pole dancing all about sex?

Pole dancing is no longer about sex and seedy strip clubs. Thousands of women (and men!) throughout the world attend pole dancing schools to learn a liberating form of dance and exercise. Pole Exercise teaches you the core elements of pole dancing, using both male and female instructors.

Many people pole dance just to get fit and flexible – it really is a great workout! – while others go down a more sensuous route. Of course it’s up to you how you use your new skills, and where you take it to. Saying that, it’s a great way to become more aware of your body and work on those sexy moves, be it for yourself, your partner or your cat! Never be afraid to shake your booty if you want to!

I’m a professional pole dancer – will this DVD help me?

Our DVDs focus very much on working with the pole and learning pole moves, but there is plenty of content to enhance your performance. DVD 1 will increase your trick repertoire. DVD 2 will inspire you with a selection of routines and ideas that you may wish to take into your own stage performance, one of our guest instructors in DVD 2 has a background in the adult industry.