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Pole Exercise DVD 1 Review
The step by step explanation makes it easy to understand and then replicate the moves on the pole. Instructions are clear and thorough and the different views of each move is most useful too. This is the DVD is use over and over again to practice with at home, by far my favourite of the 30+ that I own! .

Pole Exercise DVD 2 Review
The instructors felt like a personal teacher, giving good tips and step by step instruction to help you gain the moves. I would recommend buying volume 1 first to be able to pick up all the moves because you cant get much out of this dvd unless you know how to pole dance. But its a great second DVD with very attractive poses and moves that look amazing to watch and are great to add in a routine for a wow factor..

Pole Exercise DVD 3 Review
Having invested in many Pole Fit/Dancing DVDs, both as a student and an instructor; this one stands out from the crowd. It is both exquisitely filmed and absolutely packed full of instruction, with far more moves than any other DVD of its type. A must for any poler – those without experience will learn the tips and techniques vital to progress through the levels; whilst those with more experience, will find plenty to challenge them.

Blood, Sweat & Hot Pants
This is a beautiful portrayal of the pole industry. It encapsulates the emerging dynamics of fitness and dance with a move away from the perceived erotic views on pole dancing.
This documentary was beautifully filmed, was professionally narrated, and I expect to see it on the BBC anytime soon. .